"Welcome to the site of versatile skater Kilian Martin. Hailing from Spain, and known internationally as professional skateboarder creating an all new way to extend freestyle into the realm of street skating. His unique movements set him in a class of his own."



Full Name: Kilian Martin Navarro.
Birthdate: July 28,1987
Birth place: Madrid (Spain)
Currently lives in: San Diego (California)

INSTAGRAM PAGE: @kilianmartinsk8

FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/KilianMartinFanPage/

Sponsors: Powell Peralta.

When Kilian Martin was 10 years old, he joined a gymnastics school in Madrid, Spain. At this same time, he also found a passion for surfing, however, with the ocean over 6 hours away, being able to practice everyday was a near impossibility. Surrounded by cement and asphalt, he realized he could take up skateboarding to help his surfing abilities.

kilian martinSo,at the age of 16, he started to skate Mini-Ramps and Street. After a year of skateboarding, Kilian Martin discovered Freestyle Skateboarding after watching Powell Peralta’s Ban This skate video. He then realized that this style of skateboarding would allow him to utilize his gymnastics abilities but more importantly, expand his outlet of creativity.

When he turned 21, he decided to visit California, where he set out on a journey to master his skateboarding abilities. After winning the 2010 World Cup Freestyle Skateboarding in Paderborn,Germany. Kilian grabbed many of his freestyle tricks and adapted them to street skateboarding. Since then, he has developed his own unique style, and a level of technicality that has set him in a class of his very own.

CNN INTERNATIONAL :The Art of Skateboarding.
“Kilian Martin’s atmospheric videos are a massive internet hit”.

CBS NEWS: Kilian Martin:A Skate Illustration is a “beautiful and gorgeous skateboarding video”.

MERCEDES BENZ : A Skate Revolution, an Innovative, courageous, original: Kilian Martin sets new standards in the world of skating.

TONY HAWK : Watch Kilian Martin’s “Blank Canvas” on Ride Channel asap. Ridiculous balance, unique tricks.


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